Surgeons Gown

Neerpal Surgeons Gown: Meticulously designed and studded with unique feature Encare surgeon�s gowns are made of enhanced SMS. SMS is a single layer of melt-blown non-woven fabric inside, sandwiched by two layers of spun-bond fabric. It conforms to a triple-layered product with various properties. It acts as a perfect barrier for protection against microbial organisms. Its impervious layer helps prevent entry of bacteria & splashes.Its inner layer permeability to water vapour, its extra soft feel and light weight offers prolonged comfort during long surgical procedures. Our Gowns confirm to AAMI level 3.

Decription of products; Reinforced,Wrap around,Wrap around-Reinforced.

Sizes available:Medium XL,XXL

Materials available: SMMS, Spunlace.